The Oak

Dull brown soil and sequestered landing, Wherein a proud oak has been  standing, Green leaves and lusciously branched. The sight has the beauty of barren land enhanced, Its' leaves guard against fungi and insects, Its' acorns contain tannins in its' inlets, They shed leaves only in spring, Like a yellow mane swinging on a swing, Despite having abundance … Continue reading The Oak

Sitting with my mother

I, sitting with my mother, Contemplating about my other half better, I like this lad to bones, But my family detests his like they have horns, We are vegetarians, non-drinkers, and do not smoke, His is exactly opposite that is what has been a big choke, My father is apprehensive about their lazy ways, Though … Continue reading Sitting with my mother

At the age of sixteen years

Readers, I have written this a long time ago but whenever I revisit it, it refreshes my memory of me being sixteen years. At the age of sixteen years, I searched innocence everywhere,  In the town and the countryside,  Where people with myriad faces reside,  At city town or village wherever I resided,  On asking motley myriad … Continue reading At the age of sixteen years