Shrouded Tradition

A culture thousands of years old

The most ancient survived civilization

From the folds of history and its mould

From the cauldron of traditions old

Two women survived time

Their tales of woebegone

Quietly chime, through the female tradition passed on

In tales narrated of male glory

In tales of patriarchal valour

Their valour in deep quarries

For they were blamed for epic battles

To weak men, their strength have always unsettled

Sita and Draupadi were their names

In both their shroud held immense pain

Both were audacious, slandered victimized and avenged

Betrayal of their own husbands left them unhinged

They lived their lives always head held high

They were women of steel

They never knew to kneel

Against the battles strewn in life.

When patriarchy could not fail them in their lives

In their death their misgivings revived


Sita was blamed for Ramayana

Draupadi for Mahabharata.

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