One that exist within

When despair fogs my brain,
When defeat slays my courage,
I turn into a pungent onion,
And always rise again and again.
When the outer layer is stripped off,
There is always one that exists within,
ready to tear your eyes
With an inveterate Amazonian spirit.

When the hope deserts me on the beach of life,
When the death plays hide and seek,
I turn into Matryoshka doll
And always sneak again and again,
When outer one is destroyed and deformed,
There is always one that exists within,
Ready to bedazzle your eyes
With the rainbow heus of the spirit.

When all my troubles simultaneously assail,
When they depress me to my core,
I turn into Goddess Durga
And always face them again and again,
With sapt -matrika my own being.
When one is unable to defeat a demon,
There is always one that exists within,
Ready to fight till I win
With a stubborn and tenacious spirit.

When I find myself really stuck,
When the change is impossible to realise,
I turn myself into a Chinese box,
And redefine myself again and again,
When one is brutally destroyed by time,
There is one that exists within,
Similar, ready to ride the chaos
With a malleable yet unbreakable spirit.

The poem is taken from the blog Aesthetic knots- a poetry blog

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