Stages of desperations

Rebellion is cut off at birth
Gradually turned into the entwined around creeper
The tree for sustanance
Labelled parasitic
The lice sucking blood
Leech sticking to soul
Are some other accolades
Tellingly a thousand tales of desperations

Short of breath,on the verge of death
The fish cannot survive without
Water that in my veins
Burns My heart and in its capillaries
Red Tide of despondency inundated
Dark skies of my being
In preternatural silence
Ancillaries the Nomothetic wanton desperations

Melange of disappointments insipid
Imbibed in Blood that is festering
With melancholic taste, unsavory
Chocking, clinging onto demeanor
Floating on the malice inside
Multiplying every tiny moment
The reaction is exothermic
Heating the concoction
Agitating entity of spiritus mundi
At the Bethlehem

The poem is earlier posted on Aesthetic knots- a poetry blog

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