Find me

The poem is basically a prayer to the soulmate to know thyself better. It is actually an answer to a challenge to craft a poem with starting line ‘why don’t you’. If you feel a connection with these words written below, do follow me for more amazing poems.

Why don’t you just look inside,
The recesses of my soul,
Find the me,
That isn’t available to all,
Just a moment away,
just a step wide,
The me inside is childlike,
Yet mature and wise,
I am a pheonix too,
I am also the waning moon,
My insides are wide as universe,
And they are tiny as an atom too,
You just need the lense of love and compassion’s eye,
Just look inside,
To find me you have to find yourself too

Let’s entangle tentacles of our pieces
That some running car crushed
That some blazing monsoon beseeched
Turmeric and mustard longings
Our souls fused into bendings
So why, why don’t you……

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