Yearning for a world Decorated with Nostalgia With furnishings of myriad emotions Weaved in the core Built of yearnings nostalgic Streets have vendors selling Sugary sweets as well as spicy delectables And People are everywhere It's almost claustrophobic In this humdrum My eyes search ardently For the home where my mother lived And her essence … Continue reading Nostalgia

You and Me

The chasm between you and meWas never so deepAs it is nowOur universal soul splitInto a thousand piecesWhen individual experience overwhelmedOur consciousness of shared experienceThe battle of nature and nurturerWrecked chaos in the worldShattering the mirrorReflecting our  self in a quiverAnother source of truth goneThat you are no longer meAnd my sins are my ownAh! … Continue reading You and Me


Memory soaked in the well of the soul soaring  in the sky  looking for a bird.  The soulmate, the memories, the bird and the sinews of neurons entangled and embedded in butter chaos rooted on acres,  rooted in order perfect. Often I think  and delve deep into my thoughts. Entrance in pieces and munches listless, behind … Continue reading Perhaps


Quite solitude of my abode, My isolated haven, The song of breeze, Softly caress my being,  Twittering of sparrows, Cascading green leaves, Dance of yellow crops, Naughty rabbits' hop. Butterflies in myriad hues, Have flowers bemused, Hills are in the trance, My emotions are in dance, The aroma of unripe fruits, Fragrance of flowers sweet, … Continue reading Musings

Hills of my home

Hills of my home, My mother's womb, Beckon me incessantly, Compel me constantly.   Luscious green trees and yellow staircase fields, Houses like toys placed in background clear green, Beckon me incessantly, Compel me constantly. My school beyond the waterfall, Our dance at the village well's wall, Mango awning near the Brook , Vigorously shook, Ancient … Continue reading Hills of my home