Nobody Knows

Nobody knowsHow a perfectly sane humanHas thoughts of suicideNo reasonWhatsoeverHow a perfectly shining kitchen sinkHas tons of greaseunderneathA perfectly healthy fruitHas worms eating away insidesHollowingThe centre.It's almost bafflingTo understand depressionThe abstract and transcendentalLike the ever elusive GodAnd the inner peace we soughtAir cannot be touchedonly feltThat is prove enoughThat it existsThe breaths we takeWithout realisingThat … Continue reading Nobody Knows

Stages of desperations

Rebellion is cut off at birthGradually turned into the entwined around creeperThe tree for sustananceLabelled parasiticThe lice sucking bloodLeech sticking to soulAre some other accoladesTellingly a thousand tales of desperationsShort of breath,on the verge of deathThe fish cannot survive withoutWater that in my veinsBurns My heart and in its capillariesRed Tide of despondency inundatedDark skies … Continue reading Stages of desperations

No need

Something is running awayFar off and to desolateSeeking unattainable and elusiveLeaving the conscious bereft and astray ‘A bird flying’ is aloneRiver falling in a cave closeDisappearing from the eyesLeaving disheveled to the wiseIt’s just a foot awayIt just out of plain sightThere is no need to swayNo need to be perturbed yetNo need to take … Continue reading No need

One that exist within

When despair fogs my brain,When defeat slays my courage,I turn into a pungent onion,And always rise again and again.When the outer layer is stripped off,There is always one that exists within,ready to tear your eyesWith an inveterate Amazonian spirit.When the hope deserts me on the beach of life,When the death plays hide and seek,I turn … Continue reading One that exist within

My fellow comrades

Women, my fellow comrades Open your eyes Beauty has been a bane of our existence Ask Sita, Draupadi or Helen of Troy Their beauty spilt the blood of thousands But nobody saw them flailing their faces, with their hands Inflicting wounds, to render them, a little more deformed A little muter Women, my fellow comrades … Continue reading My fellow comrades

Shrouded Tradition

A culture thousands of years old The most ancient survived civilization From the folds of history and its mould From the cauldron of traditions old Two women survived time Their tales of woebegone Quietly chime, through the female tradition passed on In tales narrated of male glory In tales of patriarchal valour Their valour in … Continue reading Shrouded Tradition